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Alfred is aged 63, born in the UK and educated to a Masters Degree level in The Study of Security Management. He is a well-travelled individual who has travelled extensively throughout the world, in his capacity as a security consultant, providing services to foreign governments in Africa and The Caribbean regions. Ten years ago in, 2012 a diagnosis of advanced metastatic prostate cancer stage 4; was handed down to me unexpectedly and untimely. For the voiceless, he is the voice that echoes hope, motivation and inspiration in the fight against this deadly disease that disproportionately affects black men. He is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Keynote/Public Speaker who is dedicated, ambitious, hardworking and passionate about life, business, success and the community. Having travelled extensively throughout the world, he uses this experience to engage with different cultures and ethnic groups. He has written two books, namely 'Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer: Coming out the other side and 'Motivated to Inspire'.

By publishing his books, he hopes to influence people and make them; appreciate the value of the information he has compiled. He also scripted a documentary aired on Sky TV in 2021 titled 'A Survivor Amongst Survivors'. Since being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, he has dedicated himself to raising awareness of the importance of research. To that end, he has thrown himself into patient advocacy, patient involvement, becoming a media volunteer, a cancer campaigns ambassador, Cancer Research UK Involvement Network and a member of The Research & Strategy Cancer Insights Panel and Corporate Focus Strategy Group. He has also worked with other major cancer stakeholders and the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019 he was named Ambassador of the Year at the Cancer Research UK Flame of Hope awards which pay tribute to the extraordinary achievements of volunteers across the UK. This award was not only for Alfred but also for other ambassadors and volunteers who tirelessly give; of their time to help others.

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